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Smoothing Neck Serum

This serum contains a potent, synergistic blend of scientifically advanced wrinkle smoothers, skin brighteners and botanicals to lift, tighten and brighten the look of this delicate skin.  You can see visible results in 72 hours, as these Before + After images show.

Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF18

This cream is five products in one – a moisturizer, wrinkle smoother, breakout blaster, dark spot brightener and sun protection.   Luxuriously textured yet non-comedogenic, this cream may be used by all skin tones and types.

Restorative Night Cream

Transform your beauty sleep into a high-performance experience! Smooths wrinkles, brightens dark spots, and firms the skin.  Overnight, this gorgeous cream gently time-releases these potent ingredients during the sleep cycle so you awake to smoother, softer, brighter and firmer skin.

I had scars around my mouth from an accident when I was a child.  Vertere skincare has made those deep ugly lines all but disappear! I have tried so many products and these just work!  I was always so self-conscious of the jagged edges and the makeup that would just get stuck in there and look un-natural.  Now I don’t even have to worry about it! I spend lots of time in front of a video camera or photographer for my job and Vertere made me feel beautiful again!


I’d been using the same Clinique skincare products I had used for 30 years, and my skin was getting deeper wrinkles – especially my neck. I knew I should probably switch to something else but I didn’t know what to use. My neck was really bad shape. I had so much loose skin and deep wrinkles, it made me embarrassed to wear necklaces and neckline that would draw attention to it. I’m glad I found this serum because my neck looked smoother and firmer after using it for three days. I kept using it twice a day and within a month, my neck looked incredible. I couldn’t believe it was actually my neck! It was smooth and tight – no more turkey neck. Best thing I’ve done for my skin!!


Our 49 year young founder....

“I created VERTERE Skin Care because I was frustrated.

Every time I was taking care of my skin I was frustrated with…

The empty promises of the bottles and jars on my bathroom counter. The more expensive the product there more empty promises there seemed to be.

With a beauty industry that doesn’t understand we can still breakout in our 30s, 40s, and 50s so antiaging products shouldn’t contain pore-clogging ingredients.

Brands skimping on active ingredients, only including small amounts so they can be listed on the label.

Being utterly embarrassed by my skin to the point that I would cancel plans.

My fondest childhood memories are those of me creating skincare products with my grandmother.  Those experiences ignited my passion for skincare ingredients.”

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