Struggling with breakouts over 30

Struggling with breakouts over 30

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I experienced significant skincare challenges after my 35th birthday.  At that time, I experienced breakouts like a teenager, dark spots that no amount of makeup would hide and real wrinkles for the first time. Even though I knew what ingredients to look for in products because I had been researching skincare ingredients for decades (I made skincare products by my grandmother’s side as a child), it led me to layering four to five products morning and night without seeing any improvement in my skin. I was so frustrated, I took all of my years of ingredient knowledge and made a homemade cream to solve my skin problems. That homemade cream caused total strangers to stop me and compliment my skin just a week after using it, and that’s when I decided to share it with you. That homemade cream is now our patented Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 18.

I asked on Facebook and Instagram what everyone was struggling with most right now with their skin, breakouts or dark spots? Breakouts were everyone’s issue of the moment, so I wanted to share some tips with you that will really help and direct you to a couple of things that will make a visible difference very quickly for your skin.

Is there anything more frustrating than breaking out when you are an adult when you’re also trying to keep wrinkles in check? It makes taking care of your skin more complicated and it can be a real shot to your self-confidence. You don’t feel comfortable being around people sometimes because you have a breakout, especially depending on the severity. I know, for me, when I was going through that phase, I would cancel plans with friends because I didn’t want to be seen with my skin erupting with blemishes and wrinkles. We all want our skin to look more flawless and we don’t want to have to wear a lot of makeup to achieve that. Sometimes when you apply a lot of makeup to cover up a breakout, it can actually make it look a lot worse and draw more attention to it.

Interestingly enough, adult breakouts are on the rise. A study by the American Academy of Dermatology showed 25% of women in their 40s break out and that figure doubles for women in their 20s. One of the things that really exacerbates breakouts is that when we’re over 30, we’re looking for antiaging products. Often many of those products we’re using to smooth our wrinkles are responsible for our breakouts because they contain pore-clogging ingredients. That’s why I make sure every VERTERE product is free from pore-clogging ingredients. As I’m nearing 50, I’m still breakout-prone and have to be very careful about the ingredients that come into contact with my skin. That’s why I commit to ensuring VERTERE’s products are noncomedogenic, to help prevent you from experiencing breakouts while you’re trying to smooth, lift and firm your skin.

If you tend to be breakout prone like me, it’s important to avoid pore-clogging ingredients in your skincare and makeup products. Isopropyl palmitate is a really big offender that will definitely clog your pores. Isopropyl myristate is another must-avoid ingredient for those struggling with adult acne. Steer clear of these ingredients if you are prone to blemishes.

You can also significantly reduce breakouts by avoiding touching your face throughout the day or resting your chin in your hand. That might sound odd, but our hands come into contact with so many different things – hand lotions with pore-clogging ingredients in them, hair products, dirt, food oils. In my experience (and the experiences of others) you’ll tend to see a blemish where you touched your face. Our hands touch so many things, but avoiding touching your face throughout the day absentmindedly, will make a big difference. It does for me, and it will for you too.

Another powerful breakout prevention tool is this effective two-part approach to make your skin clear, wrinkle-free and bright. The first step is cleansing with our Refining Treatment Cleanser; the first lotion to serum cleanser. It contains 3.2% lactic acid along with several noncomedogenic oils to soften and smooth even dry, dehydrated skin while keeping pores clear. Applying it to wet skin activates the serum; pat skin dry after rinsing so the sheer veil of serum remains. It removes makeup, surface debris, and pollution without stripping your skin so your skin is perfectly hydrated, perfectly balanced.  You’ll see a visible difference in the clarity of your skin within 72 hours and greater brightness and smoothness with continued use.

The second step in this two-part approach is our patented Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF-18. This is the cream that really turned my skin around in a week, causing total strangers to stop me on the street and ask about my skin. With 10% lactic acid, aloe and botanicals, your skin reaps the benefits of deep hydration, wrinkle-smoothing, brightening, clarity and sun protection in a simple step. Our 72-Hour Synergy™ is very evident with this two-part approach.

Don’t despair if you’re experiencing wrinkles and breakouts.  These tips will make a visible difference in your skin.

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