Many women and men struggle with the idea of adding tretinoin to their skincare routine because of the unpleasant side effects that can be experienced. Those side effects can include flaking, peeling, redness and irritation that ranges from mild to severe (some affectionately refer to these uncomfortable aspects as the “skin uglies” that accompany tretinoin use). It can be all but impossible to wear any kind of makeup due to the flaking and peeling.

Is it impossible to avoid these negatives so that your skin doesn’t show these tell-tale signs of tretinoin use? Yes, if you follow the simple steps I’ve outlined for you below.

If you’re just beginning with tretinoin, it’s far better to ease into it than risk having tight and flaky skin from using it too aggressively. Human nature compels us to use the highest concentration and apply it nightly – that is a recipe for extreme peeling which is very uncomfortable and no makeup can disguise.

The most important thing to do is to gauge and increase your skin’s tolerance to tretinoin, so I recommend using it two nights a week (a Monday and Friday, for example) for one month to see how your skin reacts. A little flaking can be normal and your VERTERE products will help minimize that.

After that month, increase your usage to three evenings a week for a few weeks with the goal of increasing to nightly use.

Some flaking or scaliness can be normal as your skin adjusts but if you experience severe tightness or sensitivity, stop using the tretinoin until your skin returns to normal and then begin again. Everyone’s skin reacts differently so it’s important to notice how your skin looks and feels.

It’s important to use tretinoin in the evenings only because it’s light-sensitive – and you must apply it to completely dry skin. Don’t layer products containing alpha-hydroxy acids or benzoyl peroxide under or over the tretinoin. If your skin becomes extremely dry from the tretinoin, wait 15 minutes and pat an argan, jojoba or baobab oil over the tretinoin. Applying a noncomedogenic oil over the product is an important tip so that the active ingredient is in direct contact with your skin.

Continue using your VERTERE products, and apply your Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 18 in the mornings (sunscreen is important when you’re using tretinoin). You’ll be able to avoid those “skin uglies” if you follow this advice!

Perfecting your skin is my passion!

With Love,

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