Sleep is so important for your skin and body.  As an entrepreneur, I cannot tell you how many years I deprived myself of sleep. Lack of quality sleep can negatively impact your health and skin.  Getting a great night of restful, restorative sleep involves more than just using a great night cream like our Restorative Night Cream. There’s much more to it that really helps products perform better – and it’s better for you in the long run in many ways.

My first personal beauty sleep secret is to avoid eating or drinking three hours before bed. If your body is focused on digesting food, it’s not going to be focusing its systems on repair which is what it needs to do while you’re sleeping. Cutting off liquids during that three-hour time period helps prevent waking up in the middle of the night. Any kind of disruption of your sleep is going to impact the quality of your sleep and can make you feel sleep-deprived. If you’re over 40, you’re much more sensitive to sleep disruptions of any kind. If you can’t enjoy 6-8 hours of truly restful sleep, it can begin to reflect on your skin.

While we’re in deep sleep, our body releases growth hormone, and that helps to repair and rejuvenate our skin. But if you’re waking up through the night and you’re not hitting that deep sleep cycle, your body never gets to trigger the release of growth hormone. That will cause accelerated aging.

As if the risk of not releasing growth hormone isn’t enough to prompt you to commit to getting adequate sleep, cortisol increases when we’re sleep-deprived. Cortisol triggers inflammation and inflammation triggers aging and breakouts.

My second personal beauty sleep secret is to use a weighted silk eye mask. The silk eye mask that I use has a little zipper pocket at the top so I can put flax seeds in it to provide a little bit of weight and lavender for aromatherapy and to induce relaxation. The weighted aspect not only helps the mask to stay on throughout the night, but it also provides an incredible soothing feeling similar to a weighted blanket. I recommend silk because you want a soft, non-abrasive material against your skin.

My third personal beauty sleep secret is using a humidifier in your bedroom. This makes a tremendous difference if the air in your space is dry.  It will really make a difference in how your skin feels when you wake up. I recommended this to one of my friends who also is named Bethany, and she noticed a difference overnight by adding this humidifier into her bedroom. That is a must.

My fourth personal beauty sleep secret is our award-winning Restorative Night Cream. It gives my skin so much bounce, firming and brightening that I can tell a difference if I get a bit lax and skip a night or two of using it. So many people told me what I wanted to create with this night cream couldn’t be done, yet I persevered and created this dream cream. It features platelet-derived growth factors, lactic acid, and other high-performance, clean ingredients and botanicals that truly make a difference in how your skin looks and feels once you wake up in the morning. If you’re doing all these other things combined, it’ll help the cream work even better for you. Any cream, any product that you’re using.

My fifth and final personal beauty secret is to train yourself to sleep on your back. If you typically sleep on your side or stomach, you might think this is impossible but I used to be a side sleeper and I trained myself to sleep on my back. The reason you want to do this is that you do develop wrinkles from the constant pressure of pushing against your skin, night after night when sleeping on your side or stomach. You’ll notice a difference in the plumpness and the firmness in the side you don’t sleep on. Train yourself to sleep on your back. It can be done – it’s worth it.

With love,

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