Good-for-You Ingredients Inside and Out

Good-for-You Ingredients Inside and Out

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I’m Bethany Hilt, the Founder and CEO of VERTERE Skin Care, and I am here with Carina today, who is the beautiful founder of this gorgeous juice bar called Sipt. I wanted to come to you today with Carina because VERTERE uses a lot of natural ingredients in our skincare products, and those ingredients are not just good to put on your skin topically but they’re also really good for you to take internally. If you any questions, please ask and we’ll talk about a few of those natural ingredients and how they help your skin look gorgeous outside and in.

VERTERE is Latin, meaning “to turn” and our products turn around the look of the skin in 72 hours. So if that sounds interesting to you and you like natural ingredients in your skincare products, then you’ll definitely want to stay tuned.

Bethany: Tell us about Sipt and what inspired you to start Sipt and your passion about natural ingredients in juicing?

Carina:  What started the whole thing was really my lifestyle. So I really took on this whole wellness, plant-based diet and I’ve been juicing forever. I’ve been a vegetarian forever. I’ve always been very interested in what I put in my body because whatever I put in my body helps me to get clean energy,  boost my metabolism. It gives me the nutrition that I need. And I feel food is really an important part of life. So, juicing, eating the right things, farm to table. Everything about that is what I’m really about. And fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. I had been living in Miami for 14 years before I moved up here [to Cleveland]. I was searching for something like that here because in Miami fresh juices are on every corner. And of course, the weather there promotes that [healthy] lifestyle even more. I felt there was something missing here and there were not a lot of healthy options in the area. So, we decided to open a café.

Bethany:  In VERTERE’s products, one of the ingredients that we use are blueberries and blueberries applied topically are a great to help you fight premature aging because of the high antioxidant activity. There are a lot of antioxidants so it definitely benefits your skin by helping you fight those free radicals to keep your skin looking nice and smooth and younger. What happens when we’re taking blueberry internally? What’s your favorite juice that you have here at Sipt that has blueberry in it?

Carina:   Well, we have an array of different things on the menu and actually blueberries, when you ingest them, have almost the same properties. Antioxidants are very important. When you ingest fruits high in antioxidants, those properties allow your body to then create the blood flow and that shows on the outside.  Blueberries are really high in antioxidants and we actually have them as toppings, and we have them in our smoothies as well.

Bethany:  Another ingredient VERTERE uses is acai. Acai is just a phenomenal ingredient, and it’s gaining in popularity as more people become aware of it. It’s a great anti-inflammatory, and that’s so important topically because inflammation contributes to skin aging. Anytime you’re using products that might be really really harsh on your skin or you’re going out and not using sun protection, getting sunburned and experiencing lots of inflammation as a result, that can exacerbate aging, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity. Acai is a fantastic ingredient topically in skincare to help provide that anti-inflammation boost and give you nice, firm skin.  What about internally? What does acai do for us?

Carina: Acai is also high in antioxidants.  Your gut is a very big indicator of what’s going on in inside and that can also show on the outside if you’re not taking care of your gut, your stomach. Eating something like acai that has high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties will reduce inflammation of your intestines and your gut. It also promotes regularity and digestion.

Bethany:  Inflammation internally is such a huge issue. When I found out that I was intolerant to casein and gluten and cut those things out of my diet, it made a huge difference for me.

Carina:  It is a big difference. Actually, for me it was dairy. I’m a vegan and I’ve been a vegan for a year and a half now. Your gut tells you a lot about what’s going on.

Bethany:  Another ingredient that you have in your juices that we also use in our products is goji berry. Goji berry is another phenomenal antioxidant, loaded with lots of minerals that are good for the skin. It contains lots of amino acids and those help to give your skin that nice healthy tone to it. It also helps prevent premature aging because it’s such a good antioxidant.  From a juicing perspective, what would you say is a benefit of goji berry? What do you find most interesting?

Carina:  I found actually that it not only offers antioxidant properties but also has a calming element to it. When you ingest it, for example as a topping on a granola or a cereal, it does have that calming element that allows you to bring your energy level down to a nice internal balance.

Bethany: Like an adaptogenic?

Carina: Yes. Exactly.

Bethany: That’s very interesting. I think everyone watching probably feels they’re pulled in so many different directions and have way too much to do and not enough time to do it on a regular basis, which elevates stress.  That makes acai a good ingredient to add to your daily routine, not just when using our products but making sure to consume goji berries too.

Carina:  Yeah! Sprinkle them on a piece of toast with coconut butter.  That’s a great option.

Bethany: Bottom line, apply and also ingest antioxidants to help your skin look younger.  For antioxidant-rich juices and smoothies, visit at 3365 Richmond Road in Cleveland.


How to beat in-flight dehydration

How to beat in-flight dehydration

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Flying is notorious for its dehydrating effect on the skin.  And no wonder – airplane cabins are actually drier than deserts.  Deserts have an annual average of 25 percent humidity while planes typically have a paltry 10 percent.

Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent your skin from being robbed of its moisture during your travels so your skin is soft and supple when you land.

The moisturizer you apply before boarding is key. It must hydrate deeply to provide your skin all-day moisture that can really last through dry cabin air. It’s important to wear SPF as well – especially if you’re sitting in a window seat.

Several flight attendants use our Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 18 because it provides deep moisture without causing any breakouts.  It keeps the skin supple and smooth, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that can be exacerbated by the dry air.

Hydrating internally is just as important as hydrating externally when flying. Drinking liberal amounts of water before, during and after your flight is a must.  Plain water is great, but enhanced water is better to replenish your body.  Nuun tablets contain electrolytes, which play vital roles in keeping the water balanced both inside and outside of our cells. Pop a tablet into your water bottle pre-flight and you’ll have extra protection against dehydration.

Other options that can promote a boosted hydrating effect are Smartwater, which is infused with electrolytes, or coconut water, which naturally contains multiple electrolytes. 

Try to limit caffeine during your trip, which can cause you to become even more dehydrated than you would be otherwise. Be mindful that if you’re going to have that cup of coffee, make sure you chase it with water.

Snacking on water-filled fruits in-flight also gives your skin and body an extra boost of hydration. Apples, grapes, and melons are typically readily available in every concourse.

Once you arrive at your hotel, cleanse your skin to refresh and apply a manual scrub if your skin is feeling especially parched.  If you don’t have a manual scrub handy, our Refining Treatment Cleanser can be used as a flash mask in a pinch.  Just apply it to wet skin, leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse and pat skin dry. Follow with moisturizer and you’ll be good to glow.


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